Stick Information

JDH sticks incorporate different bow shape, sizes and heights to provide a deluxe playing experience. 

The range has four different Bow's, this is something not all manufacturers offer but we feel is important. 

Mid Bow
Curve | 22mm | Bow Point | 300mm |
With a shallow bow, this stick is great for the traditional player, excellent for skills and a large sweet spot for hitting power.

Low Bow 
Curve | 24mm | Bow Point | 250mm |
Jamie's preferred bow, this bow has the advantage of a larger and lower curve position, aiding in 3D skills.
Extra Low Bow
Curve | 24mm | Bow Point | 200mm |
This is the lowest bow on the market, great for 3D skills and flicking.

Curve | 24.75 mm | Bow Point | 200mm |
A variation of the Extra Low Bow, this stick is designed with a concave face for ball speed and accuracy when flicking, making it the ultimate dragflick weapon.

Jamies' signature head design Taper Toe™ 

For years, Jamie shaved away the toe of his hockey sticks to give him greater ball control, faster on the spot spins, precise pushouts and more control on fore-sticks drags.
The Taper Toe™ range has a midi head shape and a portion of the sticks toe removed on a 45º angle, locking the ball to the end of the stick.
Taper Toe™ is available in the X93, X79, X60 & X1 ranges.


Jamies sticks also include;

"Layup" is the combination of a sticks materials to create the perfect balance between Power and Feel. 

Weight specifications with his average stick weight is 510grams and is the perfect weight for fast stick speed and devastating power.

As well as including a balance point at the 39.5cm mark, while some small natural variations may occur. Jamie finds this point to be perfect for the modern game.