X01 Futurism

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With using 30% Carbon the X1 is perfect for level players using senior size sticks.

 We use premium materials in all of our sticks, including high grade Japanese carbon and the same high quality finishes the high end products enjoy.  The X1 has stunning graphics and performance to match for all beginners. 

COMPOSITION - 30% Carbon 

LOW BOW -  Curve 20mm -  Bow Point 300mm

Designed for players wanting a straight stick, perfect for hitting flat and hard.

PRO BOW - Curve 24mm   Bow Point 250mm

This bow has the advantage of a larger and lower curve position, aiding in 3D skills.

Concave - Curve 24.75mm - Bow Point 200mm

The concave face provides unrivalled speed and accuracy when flicking, making it the ultimate drag flick weapon.

X1 FACT #1 was Jamie's playing number.  The X1 pays homage to this famous shirt number.